Can You Afford to Have a Baby?

With the state of the economy the way that it is today, having a child really needs to be a very conscious decision, with many factors that need to be considered.

The first and perhaps most obvious is financial. Can you financially afford to have a child? Medical costs, general care and feeding of a child as well as putting money away for your child’s future must be considered. Are you going to be able to provide for the day to day needs of a child?

The second and maybe something that is the most important is the family dynamic. Many people are tired of searching for that elusive “soulmate” and choose to have a child through adoption or through a sperm donor. Many gay couples are also having children in this way. The costs of such an alternative can be rather high. Also, if you are a single person that has chosen this route, you will be supporting a child on one income alone. This will require the services of a babysitter, a nanny or a quality child care provider. You will not only be the sole provider for this child you will also be the sole support and family for this child.

English: Mother and Child

Mother and Child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another aspect to consider is child care. Will you have a babysitter? A nanny? A quality child care center? None of these come cheaply. You are going to want someone with experience, someone safe, someone properly trained to care for your child. This all comes at an expense. Even when your child enters into school, you will need to pay for after school care.

What if, after considering all of this, you still want to have a child? What are the guarantees that your child will be born healthy? Medical complications, diseases and illnesses are a factor. Medical costs to take care of a child in this situation can turn astronomical. Many people refinance homes, sell property or even find that they need financial assistance to be able to take care of a child that is born with illnesses or diseases.

But what really matters in a child’s life is your love. With love, you can make everything work. So face up to some of the realities but don’t leave out the emotion!

Financial aspects aside, many people will tell you that they make it work because they want to complete the love that is in their life by having a child. They want to bring a life into this world that will accomplish great things. Every parent has hopes, aspirations and dreams for their child; they only want the very best for them. They want to share their love with them, they want to continue their family name, their memories, their hopes and dreams. This is perhaps the greatest reason of all to go ahead and bring a child into the world and make it work!

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