How to Make your Baby Happy

Tips on How to Have Fun with Your Baby

Babies are curious little people. They spend most of their time learning about the things around them. Since they learn through experience, their childhood can shape the adults that they are going to be. Happy babies become happy adults. Neglected children grow into cynical adults because they believe that nobody would bother to pay attention to them.

Keeping your baby happy takes more than just looking for toys and other stuff that will attract his or her attention and keep him or her busy. You need to be attentive to your baby’s every needs as well as spend as much time with him or her as you can.

Listening to distress signals

One of the many ways to keep your baby happy is by paying close attention to what your baby needs to express – whether it’s delight or discomfort, you need to respond accordingly. Babies cannot go and prepare a sandwich on their own when they’re hungry. They are dependent on adults around them to prepare their meals. Crying is his only way of telling you that it’s time for a snack. Just imagine how cranky you can get when you haven’t had lunch yet. The same rule applies to babies.

Taking proper care of your baby will keep him happy. They are happy when they are comfortable. Make sure that his diaper is clean and dry, keep him warm when the temperature gets cold and find ways to cool him down in the summer.

Let him move

While baby chairs, swings and jumpers can be convenient for parents who have other chores around the home, it’s also important for a baby’s motor development to let him be on the mat or on the floor. Let him move around freely so he can exercise his legs, back and arms. Just make sure that your home is baby-proof especially during stages when the baby is already learning to crawl and walk.

Hanging out with him

Babies like to be heard and appreciated. When someone bothers to listen to them, they become more confident. Take the time to hang out with your baby – play with him or talk to him often so he learns how it feels to have someone to depend on.

Talking to your baby helps improve his cognitive and language skills. Even when you don’t have the least idea what he’s talking about, listen to him like you understand what he’s saying. Respond actively. Tell him what you’re doing while you’re doing it. This will help him create a connection between the words and the actions.

Don’t sweat it

When you put too much pressure on yourself to follow baby rules, your child can actually feel it. Taking care of your baby and making him happy doesn’t depend on doing everything perfectly. Remember that parenting is a work in progress. Sometimes, all you need to do is have fun with your baby and enjoy the moments you have with him or her and that should be enough for the baby to feel loved and nurtured. So relax and have fun. Your baby will grow up in no time so make sure you enjoy every moment while your baby is still a baby!

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