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For men, the age old question is ‘how do you make women happy’? For a parent, the question becomes ‘how do you make your baby happy?’ Thankfully, it is relatively easy to make a baby happy.

There are really no hidden secrets in how to make your baby happy. Though it may take a little guessing on the parents’ part at times, there are a few core needs that all babies have and once they are addressed, you are sure to have a happy baby. A baby, like anyone, seeks attention, needs to bond with the important people in his or her life, needs to have physical movement, and visual and auditory stimulation. In other words, babies like to be entertained! Though how you provide your child with these comforts may change as your baby gets older, the needs will always be the same. A newborn infant can spend hours cuddled in your arms, staring into your eyes and face. As he gets a little older, the same general principles apply.  Looking into your baby’s eyes while you sing a silly song, holding them close while you dance around the room, even a simple game of peek a boo, all offer your baby your attention and the chance to bond.

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Physical movement is important for children of all ages. From birth, vibrating chairs are a favorite of parents everywhere. The vibrations are calming to a baby as it brings them back to the soft movements of being in the womb. Vibrating seats are only one option; going for a walk in the stroller, or strapped into a front carrying pack offer the same effect. You can even take your baby for a ride in the car when they are being fussy. But make sure that they are safely strapped in. As they get older, movement is still an important part of your baby’s happiness. Jumpers and walkers are great since they allow the baby to bounce on their own accord. However, you don’t need any fancy equipment to make your baby happy; simply sitting them on your knee or holding them on your hip and bouncing them up and down will bring out smiles of joy.

Touching your baby is sure to make them happy, too. From as early as birth, it is recommended to massage your infant since it is known that the touch from a parent is one of the quickest ways babies develop trust and bond with their caretakers. As they get a little older, tickles and kisses are a sure bet to bring on the giggles from your baby. Who doesn’t love The Toe Eating Tickle Monster? Playing a game of ‘Pat A Cake’ and helping your baby clap his or her hands is another example of making a baby happy through touch. Until about the age of 6 months old, YOU are your baby’s favorite toy, so letting them use their hands to explore your face is a favorite pastime.

While it is often said that babies have short attention spans, nothing can be further from the truth. A baby could happily spend a significant amount of time on one activity if you know the right things to grab their attention with. Visual and auditory stimulation are important to a baby’s all over well being. Not only does it help their development but it is one of the easiest ways to make a baby happy. Crib mobiles that play music are a well known staple to parents everywhere. A baby could lie for an hour just watching the mobile above them and listening to the music. Though they may not understand the meaning of the words, sitting your baby on your lap and reading out loud to them from picture books is a great way to meet both of these needs. And if you really want to make your baby smile then read to them from a rubber or cloth book that they can chew on when the story is done!

As your baby gets older, they will still need a significant amount of visual and auditory stimulation to be happy. Toys that play music and light up are a sure bet to making your baby smile. There are light up, sound making toys for all ages, so make sure you pick an appropriate one for each stage of your baby’s development. Allowing your baby to be the one that makes the toy light up or play music by pushing a button or pulling a cord will not only make your baby smile, it will help with their fine motor skills as well. However, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on toys to meet the needs of your child. Simply playing music for them or putting on a show for babies (there are a lot of TV shows that have bright lights and silly sounds geared for little ones) will keep your child entranced. However, don’t just park them in front of the TV. To make your baby truly happy, hold her or him on your lap and interact talk while she or he looks at the show, as this will meet many comforts at one time.

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As you can see, it is really quite simple to make your baby happy. Like anyone else, they just want attention from the person that they love. While there are many other things that can help aid in your baby’s happiness such as equipment or toys or music, the simplest form of happiness will come from you. Take your baby outside and let them watch the cars drive by. Let them sit on the floor as you run the vacuum cleaner and let them look at the lights and hear the sounds. Plop them down with some mismatched socks while you do the laundry or simply hold them close and hum in their ear. Every baby is different and as they grow, you will come to know what activities are the ones that make your baby the happiest. Yet always know that at the end of the day, attention and affection from those that love them are what will make a baby the happiest of all.

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