Make Your Home Toddler Friendly

How old is your baby now? Is your baby entering the age of 18 months and above? Well, Congratulations! Your baby is now a toddler. Welcome to the toddler years. The next few months will be extra challenging for parents as they can already run, jump and shout amongst other things. They were not called ‘ the terrible twos’ for nothing.  And on that note, it is time for you to increase the safety level around the house (If you haven’t done this already).

Your toddler is bound to be active (for as long as he or she is awake) and an explorer. So they will tend to look, reach and touch many things. They also tend to be attracted to stairs. (I don’t know why but most of them want to climb!) Knowing all this, you have to make sure that your house is toddler proof! Here are some tips.

Photograph of a toddler holding a mop with a b...

Photograph of a toddler holding a mop with a bucket (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Make sure that there are no small objects like coins, pebbles, or crayons on the floor as they will put these in their mouth. (No kidding!) They tend to taste everything. As a matter of fact, they eat everything. If they can eat and taste their potty trainers, they will (I’m not even exaggerating). So make sure everything is sanitized accordingly.
  • Position your TV, DVD players and electronic machines in a stand next to a wall to decrease the risk of anything falling on your child. If you can bolt them down, all the better.
  • Install child safety gates at the top and bottom part of the staircase to minimize the risk of nasty falls. FYI, they like to climb up and down so you really have to watch out.
  • Put a cover on your electrical outlets. Those are a common buy in hardware stores. Kids at this age like to insert stuff or their fingers in every hole they see.
  • Put padding on pointed corners and table edges for they are sure to bump into these, however carefully you are watching. It will take time for their peripheral vision to work well!
  • Keep all accident prone materials, medications and household chemicals out your child’s reach.

I guess it all comes down to this advice, ‘Don’t ever leave your toddler unattended!’ They are in their ‘exploring-mode’ at this time so they will try out everything, especially when your back is turned. And you will want to be with them as they discover about the world? Of course, it’s understandable that you will not always be with your toddler; just make sure that someone responsible is with them when you’re not around. As they say, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. So, please, be aware of your child’s surroundings for they will really taste, bump, reach, touch and climb on whatever they can, whether you like it or not!

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