When Do Babies Start Giggling?

Do you ever wonder when babies start giggling? Do you have a little one and maybe, he or she hasn’t laughed or giggled yet? Well, you’ll be glad to know that babies start giggling at different ages. I remember my little sister started to giggle at a few days old but my mom said it wasn’t giggling; it was gas, so there you go!

I asked my family for stories of when their babies started to giggle. It surprised me to know that the first giggle was on the same level of the first smile, the first goo-goo, the first da-da or ma-ma and was remembered almost as clearly as the first step or the first potty success.

Babies start giggling at the weirdest things

With one of my relatives, her child was in a baby carrier, maybe three months old, when her father started to play with a laser type light, causing the dog to chase around in circles to catch an uncatchable red beam. The little girl began a funny chuckle but not quite then a little squeal and she then began to giggle so hard she lost her breath and as small as she was, it turned into a laughing that surprised them all. Then it was months before she ever giggled again and that was playing with her feet.


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Another story. Barely able to sit up, my brother’s daughter was listening to a song, I think it was Tequila, She started to rhythm around and she started to giggle along with the music. As she got to be an older child, she still would sing that song and dance around giggling.

My nephew started to giggle at the dog licking his face when he was in his baby carrier. My sister wasn’t so pleased with the dog spit in his face but she was surprised at how he seemed to enjoy it. One of my nieces was watching the movie of the Three Stooges and we didn’t even notice she was looking at the TV. She was only about two months old when she began to ‘Ya, Ya’ watching the guys throw pies and do that funny noise Curly made and my niece began to giggle.

I remember my younger brother never did giggle. He was somewhat ahead of his time. Literally, he began to talk at eight months and sounded like a boy eight or so years old. People use to take his bottle away from him so that they could hear that voice coming from a baby. ‘Give me back my bottle’. Some people didn’t believe it until they heard it for themselves but he laughed out loud and never giggled.

I don’t know if there is some scientific cause or reason that determines when babies laugh or if a baby is giggling. I don’t know if there is a factor where the baby is confused between a giggle and a cry, between what is funny and what is scary. I have seen a baby start to giggle and then in the next breath, start to cry. What causes that to happen? It seems that the baby gets its voluntary system mixed up and it can’t decide if it is happy or upset.

When babies start giggling during their sleep…

Watching a baby sleep can be a fascinating thing to do. I have seen very young babies smiling in their sleep and then even seen them giggle and wake themselves up. So was that really a giggle or back to my mom’s statement that it was gas?

Then there was my sister (I have seven sisters and two brothers all younger than me so I have lots of baby watching experience), who seemed to be giggling around three months old. She seemed to giggle at everything, even just looking at her crib rails. Come to find out she wasn’t really giggling, it was the onset of the whooping cough and that was one of the strangest non-giggle giggles I’d ever seen and even to this day.

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Then my other sister, who as a baby found out she was a big fan of country music. We were in the living room and her bedroom door was open to the living room and we heard her making noise. We looked in and she was bouncing her hands and feet to the music of My Heart Skips a Beat and all of a sudden, looking through the rails, she just started to giggle. Her obsession continued until she was almost a year old and could stand up in the crib and hold on to the headboard and sing along. Well, at least jabber along.

My second niece also went from no jabbering, no ‘ya,ya’ or anything to full laughter. A giggle was never heard and neither was anything else, barely crying, until she was almost nine months old. We wondered if there was something wrong with her hearing or voice but the doctor said there was no problem. This niece also talked early and when she did begin to talk at around nine months, she did full TV commercials. So she had been hearing, she just decided when she wanted to react. She also had a deep voice. She was not as articulate as my brother but the words she did speak and the way she laughed sounded like an older person. She finally did giggle when she got her first kitten at around three.

I have seen first giggles from babies at all ages, even first giggles as toddlers so I am not sure that there can be an age of when babies giggle or should giggle. I’m not sure if a baby has to giggle to be a healthy baby. All the giggling sisters, nieces, nephews and friends babies seemed to grow into healthy articulate children whether they giggled or did not giggle as babies.

I know from my mom’s own memory, I never giggled but smiled a lot. I also did not talk or walk until I was almost two but today I laugh a lot, write for a living so don’t have to giggle or talk too much out loud. Sitting at my desk alone, giggling, might cause someone in hearing distance to think I’m abnormal.

So is it abnormal for babies not to giggle at a certain age? I think there is no certain age for a good giggle to bubble up. Babies start giggling when they have to – I don’t think there are rules for that.

Just for fun, why not share your story here? When did your baby start giggling?

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