Why do Babies Scream?

The birth of a baby is a joyous occasion. You have waited nine months for the arrival of your little bundle of joy. The nursery is decorated and the car seat is in the vehicle ready to take your baby home. Happiness exudes you because you cannot wait to take your child home from the hospital. Once you arrive home, you settle your baby into its new surroundings as this is the beginning of your life with your new baby. All is well until, your baby starts crying. Nothing seems to calm your infant. So, why does your baby scream? Babies scream because they cannot tell you what they want or how they feel. There are several reasons as to why your child is crying.

There are always good reasons why babies cry

English: A hungry baby yelling and crying.

A baby yelling and crying. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hunger is one reason why your child may be crying. That is why you need to pay attention to your child’s eating behavior. Take mental notes or write them down if needed. Some babies do not feel like eating at certain times. One baby may want to eat every 2 hours and another child may want to eat every 4 hours. This relates to how much you are feeding your child. How many ounces did the child have to eat? If you feed your child four ounces and it cries afterwards, this is a sign your child may still be hungry. Also, if your child cries way before the next time to eat, this is a sign the child did not get enough to eat. If you are unsure if your child is hungry, test out whether your baby is hungry or not by offering your baby some milk. If your child refuses, he is not hungry.
What is another reason your child may be crying if it is not hungry? A baby could just want to be held. Picking up your baby will quickly dry those tears fast.  Gently rock your baby, vigorous movements will less likely help calm your child. Your baby is still crying? How is your mood? Have you been up all night or had a stressful day at work? Babies can sense how you feel and that can make them unhappy if you feel that way. So, try to relax so your baby will do the same.
Babies also scream when they need your love and attention. They do not just like to be held. Play with your child. Show them how to clap their hands even if they cannot do it right now. Sit your infant up and talk about things you see, sing them a song, or read a book. Some babies are more active than others. They must see everything around them. Therefore, put them in a front carrying sling or backpack. Also, let them sit in a baby seat if you are busy doing something. Just being able to view the world around them and feeling a part of it is important to a baby.

Babies scream when they are tired. All the playing and attention can tire a baby. Your child may try to fight its sleep because he is having so much fun. However, that does not make for a happy baby. Take your child and put him down to sleep in his room, try to get it as dark as you can. Next, leave the room and keep checking to see if your child has fallen asleep.

A newborn child crying.

A newborn child crying. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, your child can’t sleep despite being offered milk and being held. Put your finger in your baby’s mouth and feel his gums. There may be a knot of a baby tooth about to come through. This means your baby could be teething. Babies get teeth when they are around 4 or 7 months old. Although, some may get them earlier. If your child is teething, give your child something to chew on, like a teething ring. Also, cool foods will help if they are eating solids. Baby food companies also make food for the purpose of teething. Using a topical pain gel may help but talk to your doctor first.

When did you last change your infants diaper? How much milk or fluids does your baby drink? Babies will cry if they have a dirty diaper. Yes, you may have changed your child 20 minutes ago, but that does not mean you can rule out the diaper as the reason for the screaming. If your child takes in a lot of fluids they may need changing more often and have a fuller diaper. Babies do not like the feeling of a soiled diaper on their body. Always check the diaper because this will help to prevent a rash. A rash will only make your baby feel worse. Feeling worse means babies scream more.

A reason no person wants their child crying about is illness. If your child has not stopped crying, check to see if they feel warm and check their temperature. Signs of sickness are a runny nose, diarrhea, rash, vomiting, high temperatures, and lack of eating. Always take your child to the doctor if you believe they are sick.

One more reason your baby might cry is if the baby has gas. Gas drops are a solution to help fix that problem. Thirst, even though they are not hungry. This happens more during hot or warm weather. Offer your child a little bit of water.

You may not want to hear this but if your child cries excessively, it may just have colic. Colic is just that – excess crying. No one really knows what causes this issue. One theory is that it may be due to muscle spasms after eating. Things that may help with colic are background noises, like music, a vibrating bed, massage and carrying your baby. Always seek advice from your doctor when it comes to this issue.

So, always pay attention when your baby cries

Babies scream for many reasons. Crying is the only way to inform us that they are unhappy. So, remember, always pay attention to signs that may cause your child discomfort. It will benefit you as a parent to know what makes your child happy or upset. Babies are going to cry.  It is part of being a baby.  Just think about why your child is crying. In the end, trying to figure out why babies scream in each situation will lead to contentment and happiness for you and your baby.


  1. Maggie Maldonado says

    My grandchild is 4 and half months and She is starting teething , Her grandfather doesn’t want to give Her a toy a teething toy becose He is afraid that Her teeth will not be straigth when they come out …

  2. oliver says

    My 2 month old has yelled outta nowhere when in a deep sleep twice so far. Its sounds crazy and funny at the same time because he scares me first, and as soon as I look, I can tell he’s ok because he falls right back to sleep. I think he’s probably dreaming falling off of cliff or something. Why do babies scream in their sleep???? its probably just a dream.

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